Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, the Big Man, Criminal Defense Attorney Joey Franks, will defend you and assure your civil liberties are not violated. In addition, he will speak on your behalf to prosecutors and the court.

He starts by meeting with you and will gather as much information as possible about your case by asking you questions and looking at arrest reports. If possible, he’ll question the police about procedures involved in arresting you. He’ll also speak with witnesses with the intent of putting together the best defense.

The Big Man will also go over the district attorney’s case before jury submission to ascertain any case “holes.” He may also hire a third-party expert to test evidence. Simply stated, Attorney Franks will look at all the facts and theories. He will maintain contact with you and keep you abreast of any new developments. Every consequence is explained, and all communication with you is kept confidential.

Criminal Defense Attorney Franks will be part of the process of jury selection to ensure no jurors are biased against you. Plea bargains are a significant part of the court system, and the Big Man will negotiate with prosecutors to get you the best possible deal and a reduction of charges if it comes to that. If your case goes to trial, Attorney Franks will fight for you, examine and cross-examine witnesses and work to convince the jury of your innocence.

If, however, you are found guilty via plea bargain or conviction by a judge or jury, the Big Man will properly represent you during the sentencing phase. In addition, attorney Franks will endeavor to reduce the time you have to serve, and he will present incarceration alternatives.

Call the Big Man at the Franks Law Firm - (601) 773-7777 for a consultation ($100 fee).

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