Burglary Defense Lawyer in Jackson MS

Burglary Defense Lawyer in Jackson MS

Here is some advice that will assist you. To start with, tell Attorney Franks the truth as it’s the prosecution’s and defense’s responsibility to utilize the truth to help prove their sides. Sadly, numerous defendants make the error of not telling the truth to their lawyer regarding what happened. Although they may assume that this remains in their best interest, more often than not, they are wrong. Lies supply opportunities for the prosecution to utilize the realities against you.

If some evidence confirms part of your account is false, a judge or jury is far less likely to believe anything you say. Likewise, your reputation as a liar can drastically modify their perception of you as a good person, making it more difficult for you to avoid a sentence.

Defense Strategy

Once you inform your burglary defense attorney what occurred, developing a defense strategy takes place quickly. The Big Man has experience aiding a number of individuals who have are in situations comparable to yours. Equally as each burglary arrest is unique, the allegations’ circumstances are additionally distinct. The Big Man does not use a cookie-cutter defenses where what is best for one accused is always best for one more. Attempting to duplicate another individual’s approach from a different case might make points worse.

Attorney Franks comprehends all the choices and will develop an one-of-a-kind and customized strategy to fit the particular conditions and facts. Strategies are customized for every case to have the most effective possibility of winning. The district attorney must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty for you to be convicted and sentenced. The Big Man will use this to his benefit when defending your rights in a court of law.

Unique Strategies

It is never recommended to utilize the exact same strategy as another person just because it has benefited them. Unless the facts and circumstances of your case are identical to another situation, the cookie-cutter all defense may blow up with a difficult time sentence.

While there is not a total defense that will work best in every case. The Big Man has created numerous typical strategies that have worked in many situations. He uses these fundamental arguments and customizes them to fit the realities and conditions of your circumstance. Below are a few of those strategies.

Think about mistaken identity. The description of the alleged offender can fit any number of individuals, and Attorney Franks can argue for a straightforward situation of mistaken identity. It’s a strong defense if you have a witness that can put you somewhere else at the time of the supposed act.

The apprehending policeman failed to read you your Miranda Rights when you where arrested. Then anything you said probably cannot be brought to court. Additionally, any evidence discovered as a result of your response to inappropriate inquiries may be thrown out also.

You had authorization to remove the items concerned is likewise an additional defense and can be used if you took stuff and believe the owner offered you approval. This defense is used in scenarios where the defendant is the owner of the property or when the property owner has voluntarily invited the defendant to enter, recognizing that the defendant might have illegal intentions.

An alibi is typically the best defense in cases where the defendant was not detained at the criminal activity scene. Nevertheless, if Attorney Franks can present witnesses or other proof that confirms you were someplace aside from at the criminal activity scene, you can prevent a conviction.

A cop can search you only if they got probable cause or get a search warrant. Under the Fourth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, you are protected from illegal searches and seizures. Consequently, any evidence acquired with an unlawful search will be inadmissible in court.>br>
A prosecutor must confirm you had the intent to commit burglary or one more felony when you went into a location. If you did not intend to commit a crime when you entered the premises, you could be found not guilty. As an example, if you had been drugged before going into the premises and only determined to take something after you were inside, your lawyer may be able to use this to beat the charges. Nevertheless, voluntary intoxication is normally not considered a legitimate defense for lack of intent.

Top Notch Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don’t opt for a second-rate lawyer when your freedom is at stake. You can not successfully make use of the best methods without the help of an attorney who understands the particular laws and who can submit the appropriate motions and make the proper arguments to convince a judge or jury that you are innocent. Call Burglary Defense Attorney for Jackson MS, Joey Franks, at (601) 773-7777. The Big Man is on your side.

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