Penalties For A DUI First Offense In Mississippi

Old Canton Courthouse

What Are The Penalties For A DUI First Offense In Mississippi? Joey: That’s actually a bit of a trick question because it depends on certain factors. For your average Joe that’s driving to work every day and has a standard driver’s license in Mississippi, then they’re looking at suspension of their license for up to…

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DUI Expungement In Mississippi

One of the most common questions my firm answers is whether or not a DUI can be expunged in Mississippi. The answer is yes, Mississippi law allows for the expungement of a DUI. A DUI Expungement in Mississippi is a process and cannot occur until five (5) years after you complete all the requirements of…

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What Should I Look for in DUI Lawyer?

The Ridgeland Municipal Courthouse

Joey, Tell Me About Your Firm And Yourself. Ridgeland Municipal Courthouse in Ridgeland, MS Joey: Well, we’ve been open three years. I opened right out of law school. Before law school, I had a career on the Illinois Central and Louisiana Delta Railroads, working on trains. When I was working out there, if you got a DUI, that…

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