Got a DUI near Raymond MS?

Got a DUI near Raymond MS?

Best DUI Defense Lawyer near Raymond MS

If you got a DUI near Raymond MS, know that Defense Attorney Joey Franks, the Big Man at the Franks Law Firm in Jackson MS will guide you through the complex legal processes and shield your rights. Here’s how he helps.

Legal Expertise and Experience

The Big Man comprehends Mississippi DUI laws and stays updated on the most recent developments. This Knowledge enables him to determine potential defense strategies that can be utilized to develop a solid defense for you.

Case Analysis

The Big Man will thoroughly study your arrest documents to see if the detaining officer made any mistakes. He’ll take a look at the conditions leading up to your arrest, including the activities of law enforcement police officers, the precision of breath analyzer tests, and any type of civil rights violations.

Best Defense

Based upon his analysis, The Big Man creates a specific defense for you. He might question the precision of the breathalyzer tests or the validity of the traffic stop. Moreover, there may be an explanation for your actions, such as a medical problem or various other aspects that might have impacted your performance with field sobriety tests.

Non-Adjudication Program

The Mississippi non-adjudication program permits those with a DUI first to avoid jail. Your DUI must be a first, you can not have been in a previous non-adjudication program. Also, didn’t refuse a test after the arrest.

With the program, you plead guilty The court holds that plea in non-adjudicated status, and you pay a $250.00 penalty as well as finish an alcohol safety education training course within six months. You have to additionally mount an ignition interlock tool on your automobile for 120 days. After 120 days, you get proof from the IID company that you didn’t have offenses. Then the court will enter a non-adjudication order, and you avoid a conviction.

Going to Court

If required, The Big Man will safeguard you in court. He might challenge prosecution evidence and cross-examine witnesses. He understands how to work through the court process and advocate for your rights.

Shielding Your Civil Rights

The Big Man’s main objective is to secure your legal rights. He works to ensure you are treated fairly and procedures are followed. He functions as your supporter.

Contact the Big Man Right Away

Being charged with a DUI is a serious matter that requires the competence of DUI Defense Lawyer Joey Franks, The Big Man at the Franks Law firm has the expertise, experience, and devotion to protect your legal rights and he can make a difference in the end result of your case. He is your best ally during this tough time. Get in touch with him right now at (601) 365-0175.

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