Mississippi DUI Counseling

Mississippi DUI Counseling

Should I Voluntarily Start Counseling Before My First Court Date?
If someone has received two or three DUIs and realizes that they need help, then they should absolutely start counseling before their first court date. If someone has received their first DUI and doesn’t necessarily need help, then an evaluation by an alcohol rehabilitation specialist would still be beneficial in that it would confirm that it was a one-time event. Going for DUI counseling after a first-time DUI is not required and generally won’t sway the prosecution one way or another, but it can be helpful when trying to negotiate with a prosecutor or police officer. In part, this is because, in the state of Mississippi, a police officer’s opinion may carry some weight with the prosecutor and the judge for trying to get non-adjudication or something similar.

Can I Contact an Attorney Prior to Taking a Breath or Blood Test in a DUI Arrest?

An individual can certainly try to contact an attorney prior to taking a breath or blood test in a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, many people get arrested during odd hours of the night that fall outside of most attorneys’ business hours. The Franks Law Firm, however, has a 24-hour answering service that will transcribe and forward voicemails to a member of the staff. If we are available, then we will return the individual’s call as soon as possible. Another way to get a hold of an attorney quickly at The Franks Law Firm is through text. An individual may be able to contact an attorney by using their cell phone while the officer is running their tags and collecting their information.

Will I Have to Meet With a Pre-Trial Probation Officer Within the First 30 Days of My DUI Arrest?
In the state of Mississippi, an individual will likely have their first court appearance within the first 30 days following their DUI arrest. Unless they enter a plea of guilty, that court appearance should be their only contact with the courts during that period.

What Advice Would You Give Clients for the First Few Days or Weeks Following a DUI Arrest?
During the first few days or weeks following an arrest, I advise people to hire an attorney. They will want someone on their side who handles DUI cases every day. When someone hires me, I immediately enter an appearance on their behalf, request their discovery file, and request a trial within 30 days of the arrest or an extension of their driving privileges. I will also file a motion and send a copy of everything except the request for discovery to the department of public safety and the DUI unit to let them know that we’ve requested our trial as required by law and not to suspend your license. I will review all of the footage, recordings, images, statements, certifications, and reports associated with the case and inform the client of the realistic outcomes so that he/she can feel prepared regardless of the circumstances. This gives people peace of mind by removing the guesswork from the process.