What to Consider When Choosing a DUI Defense Lawyer near Byram MS

What to Consider When Choosing a DUI Defense Lawyer near Byram MS

DUI Defense Lawyer near Byram MS

Even a DUI First can have lasting consequences. If you got a DUI near Byram Mississippi, look to DUI defense lawyer Joey Franks, AKA The Big Man, at The Franks Law Firm in Jackson. He’ll look out for your rights and get you through the legal system. Here’s what he provides:


The Big Man has experience and expertise in handling DUI cases and has an excellent track record of successfully defending clients in similar situations. He understands Mississippi DUI laws and defense strategies. Mississippi DUI laws are complex, but The Big Man stays updated on changes. For instance, The Big Man knows all the protocols the police must follow with field sobriety tests. He’ll study your arrest records and challenge the accuracy of the results, if applicable.

Attorney Franks knows how to work his way through the Mississippi legal system. He’s familiar with the courts, judges, and prosecutors and knows how DUI cases are handled in each jurisdiction.

The Big Man will analyze your case, identify any weaknesses or inconsistencies, and build a defense strategy based on the circumstances. He may challenge the traffic stop’s legality, dispute the breath test’s accuracy, or present alternative explanations for your behavior during the stop. Moreover, Attorney Franks is confident in going to court if needed and will advocate passionately for your rights.


The Big Man has an excellent reputation in the legal community and has a successful track record. Check out his Google reviews to gauge client satisfaction. His reputation reflects his professionalism, ethics, and credibility. He is respected among peers, judges, and prosecutors for effectively defending his clients. Client testimonials talk about his communication skills and support level.

Local Knowledge

DUI Defense Attorney Franks has extensive knowledge and experience practicing law in Mississippi. He knows the local courts, judges, and prosecutors, which can provide invaluable insights. Courts can vary from country to county, and he knows the preferences and tendencies of judges, prosecutors, and court staff. He has a professional reputation within the local legal communities. For felony DUI cases, The Big Man has a network of professionals, such as accident reconstruction and medical experts, and toxicologists who can provide insights or testimony.

The Big Man also knows the administrative processes like license suspensions. He can guide you, ensure necessary paperwork is filed correctly and on time, and help you navigate complex administrative procedures.

Communication and Availability

Open and effective communication is vital when working with a DUI defense lawyer. The Big Man will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain the legal process. He will be accessible, responsive and communicates clearly and regularly to keep you informed during a challenging time.

The Franks Law Firm, PLLC – DUI Lawyer

DUI Defense Lawyer Joey Franks, AKA The Big Man, will protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome. He has the experience, reputation, local knowledge, and communication abilities to provide you with the best possible DUI defense. Contact him as soon as you get out of jail at (601) 773-7777.