What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney do in Jackson MS?

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney do in Jackson MS?

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

The Big Man is a criminal defense attorney, and he will stand up for you and protect your civil rights. He will investigate police records, talk to witnesses if needed, and is not afraid to speak to the prosecutors. Plea deals are a huge part of the system and can include reduced bail, charges, and sentences. In addition, the system has overcrowded jails and court calendars, so plea deals are a huge part of clearing out the criminal justice system.

The Big Man will study the prosecutor’s case, see who’s the judge and, weigh possible sentences, ascertain seizure protocols, and gather evidence. He’ll also look at immigration, plea, conviction, and criminal record consequences. He’ll tell you the good, bad, and ugly related to possible outcomes and helps you face the frustrations and fears of the criminal justice system. If a plea deal can’t be worked out, The Big Man is not afraid to go to court.

Cost of Legal Representation

Criminal defense attorneys charge either hourly or a fixed fee as a general rule. However, they are prohibited from charging contingency fees, which are payments that depend on the outcome of the case.


Being represented by an attorney is the best option as criminal justice law is complicated, and judges prefer that you not represent yourself. Prosecutors do their job day in and day out, and they can overwhelm you. However, the judge, not the defendant, decides on self-representation. So don’t go it alone. Call the Big Man.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do That You Can’t Do?

After doing research, a criminal defense lawyer has a lot to do. First, they call witnesses for your defense and cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses in court. The Big Man is dynamic and trustworthy, and he knows how to speak to a jury.

A criminal defense attorney has these advantages: -He is objective throughout the proceedings -He has realistic insights as to how the trial is proceeding -He can advise on accepting a prosecutor’s plea bargain.

Daily Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

-Contacting clients through email, phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings -Reading case documents -Forming a strategy. Criminal defense attorneys can spend months preparing for a case, which can take longer than being in the courtroom. But then, things can move quickly with no surprises.

What Questions Should You Ask a Criminal Lawyer?

-How long have you been a lawyer? -Have you handled these types of cases? -Do you focus on certain types of criminal law? -What do you need for our first meeting? – How do you handle fees? You need to have good communication with your attorney and feel comfortable being honest with them.


Your attorney will figure out the best sentencing program for your situation. If you’re found guilty, your criminal defense attorney may be able to reduce your sentence. Often, they are changed to prevent you from going back into the criminal justice system.

For instance, instead of going to prison for ten months for a drug possession conviction, The Big Man could suggest a six-month sentence followed by drug treatment for four months. Then you deal with the root cause of the problem.

Rules and Regulations

It takes years of study to know the law. The Big Man will point out important legal rules and regulations. Many of those rules are buried within the laws and court decisions. For instance, did the police search your premises and follow protocols? Also, there are rules of the court that need to be followed.

Consequences of Pleading Guilty

Here’s an example. If you plead guilty, you may find it hard to find a job once your sentence is completed. The Big Man will explain all your options.


The Big Man knows how to work with witnesses and gather evidence and statements from witnesses called by the prosecution. Unfortunately, many witnesses refuse to give statements out of safety concerns. But they might be willing to talk to The Big Man.

Working with Investigators and Experts

Investigators look at the alleged crime and prosecution witnesses. They may find evidence that makes a witness’s testimony less believable. Also, witnesses can present evidence proving your innocence. They can also refute the evidence the prosecution presents.

Call The Big Man

If you’re in trouble, call The Big Man at (601) 773-7777. He’s THE criminal defense attorney for Jackson MS. He’s not afraid to speak to prosecutors or go to court and be in front of a judge. He’ll do everything he can to help you. He’s got your back.