Misdemeanor Statute Of Limitations In Mississippi

Misdemeanor Statute Of Limitations In Mississippi

The statute of limitations for a misdemeanor crime in Mississippi is two (2) years. That means the State of Mississippi, or another person filing the charges, has two (2) years to do so. Additionally, the individual charged with the crime cannot “abscond or flee from justice, or shall absent himself from this state or out of the jurisdiction of the court.”[1]

A criminal matter can be commenced by a “charging affidavit, indictment, or bill of information.”[2] For misdemeanor statute of limitations, that means if an individual or officer wishes to bring a charge against you, they must do that within two (2) years. If they fail to do so, they can no longer do so after two (2) years passes.

The exception to the rule is, if you are not available in the court’s jurisdiction, then the time period may be extended. The process for extending time on a misdemeanor statute of limitations in Mississippi is called tolling. This could extend a matter indefinitely.

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[2] Mississippi Rule of Criminal Procedure 2.1.