DUI Non-Adjudication In Mississippi

DUI Non-Adjudication In Mississippi

Non-Adjudicating a DUI in Mississippi is a viable option for some people. Non-Adjudication means the court will withhold the adjudication of guilt and places an individual in a Non-Adjudication program conditioned upon completion of court-ordered requirements. There is a lot, however, that one must consider before pursuing this option.

Do I Qualify For Non-Adjudication Of A Mississippi DUI?

You may meet the qualifications for Non-Adjudication if:

  • You never had a prior DUI Non-Adjudicated (an individual can only have one DUI Non-Adjudicated in their lifetime),
  • You were never convicted of a prior DUI or currently have a DUI charge pending,
  • You did not hold a commercial driver’s license or a commercial learner’s permit at the time of the charge, and
  • Justification can be provided to the court why Non-Adjudication is appropriate.

Even if you meet the qualifications for Non-Adjudication you should explore all the options available to you before making the decision to pursue Non-Adjudication.

Make Sure You Looked At Every Possible Defense First.

Non-Adjudication involves entering a plea of guilt. If you fail to complete all the requirements of Non-Adjudication, the court will come back and find you guilty of a DUI 1st Offense in Mississippi. Remember, Non-Adjudication means the court withheld guilt for you to complete certain terms and can come back if you fail to complete everything.

Also, you can only do this once in your life. If your case is strong, then pushing for a not guilty verdict or dismissal is highly advisable.

Don’t go into your DUI case anticipating Non-Adjudication!

This is a common theme we come across when dealing with DUI clients. They assume they cannot win after the police charged them with a DUI. Be wary of any attorney who wants to pursue Non-Adjudication from the beginning. You want a Mississippi DUI lawyer who will leave no stone unturned before advising you to consider Non-Adjudication.

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