When’s The Best Time To Hire A DUI Lawyer?

When’s the Best Time to Hire a DUI Lawyer? Joey: As soon as you walk out of the jailhouse. That is the absolute best time to go ahead and select a DUI lawyer. Get online. Do some research. Find out who you think will be the best fit for you and who has experience in…

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DUI – What Offenses Can Be Filed?

Joey, let’s say I’m pulled over for a DUI, what offenses can I be charged with? Joey: There are five DUI in Mississippi charges. You have the DUI refusal, which means you refused to take the test. You have a DUI first offense, which means this is your first offense DUI. You have a DUI second…

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Mississippi Field Sobriety Test

What Should I Do If I’m Asked to Take a Field Sobriety Test? Joey: You have a couple of options. You’re not required to do a field sobriety test and that isn’t the test they are looking at for a refusal charge. If you refuse the big Intoxilyzer machine at the police station, they can…

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What Do Police Look For In A DUI Stop?

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What do Police look for With a DUI? Joey: They’re looking for certain road conditions that make it difficult to drive. That’s where you often see a DUI roadblock. Often it’s a choke point near some kind of bar or club or restaurant. That’s their most common tactic. The other thing is, they’re looking for…

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Legal Limits For A DUI

What Are The Legal Limits For A DUI In Mississippi? Joey: That’s actually a complex question, because for your average person, just going to and from work with a normal driver’s license in Mississippi, the blood alcohol content’s what we’re looking at here, the BAC. In Mississippi for your normal person, it’d be a .08.…

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What Happens If I Refuse A DUI Breath Test In Mississippi?

What Happens If I Refuse A DUI Breath Test In Mississippi? Joey: If you refuse a breath test in Mississippi, it sets off a chain of events that will usually ultimately lead to suspension of a driver’s license for 90 days, automatically, right out the gate. Normally the Department of Public Safety will send a letter to…

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Penalties For A DUI First Offense In Mississippi

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What Are The Penalties For A DUI First Offense In Mississippi? Joey: That’s actually a bit of a trick question because it depends on certain factors. For your average Joe that’s driving to work every day and has a standard driver’s license in Mississippi, then they’re looking at suspension of their license for up to…

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DUI Expungement In Mississippi

One of the most common questions my firm answers is whether or not a DUI can be expunged in Mississippi. The answer is yes, Mississippi law allows for the expungement of a DUI. A DUI Expungement in Mississippi is a process and cannot occur until five (5) years after you complete all the requirements of…

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What Should I Look for in DUI Lawyer?

The Ridgeland Municipal Courthouse

Joey, Tell Me About Your Firm And Yourself. Ridgeland Municipal Courthouse in Ridgeland, MS Joey: Well, we’ve been open three years. I opened right out of law school. Before law school, I had a career on the Illinois Central and Louisiana Delta Railroads, working on trains. When I was working out there, if you got a DUI, that…

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Mississippi Drug Possession, Did You Really Possess It?

Car seat

Mississippi drug possession charges are serious. Being convicted of possession drugs or paraphernalia can lead to years in jail. But what if you were just the passenger in a car where drugs are found? Can you be charged with possession of drugs? Yes, you can. In Mississippi, if you are charged with possession of a…

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